Interpreter Peer Reviewed

Interpreter Peer Reviewed

Monday, October 12, 2015

PowerPoint presentations and firesides

I've had a lot of requests for my PowerPoint presentations, so I'm going to put them up in a series of posts. I've also had a lot of requests to do firesides. I'm happy to accommodate those requests as my schedule permits, but maybe these presentations will help explain the main points.

I plan to follow this outline:

1. My Church history presentation at the John Whitmer Historical Association annual meeting. This is the one that debunks Brother Roper's 7 "facts" as he set them forth in his first stylometry article published by the Maxwell Institute. I show the errors in every one of the "facts" upon which he based his original stylometry.

2. My presentation on Mormon's Codex, which evaluates that book (and the Mesoamerican theory in general) through the three "filters" set forth by John Sorenson. I show that all three filters exclude Mesoamerica as a plausible setting for the Book of Mormon, and they they all point to North America (for Dan Peterson, I mean north of the Rio Grande) instead.

3. My presentation on Letter VII, which gives the background and significance of Oliver Cowdery's letter about the Hill Cumorah, showing that he described the New York hill's setting for the final battles of the Nephites and Jaredites as a fact.

4. My presentation on Moroni's America, which outlines the North American geography.

All of these, in one way or another, respond to the Interpreter's position on Book of Mormon geography.


  1. Is "Moroni's America" available in kindle format? If no, will it be?

    Also, I am unable to find the book "Moroni's History". Is that book available?

    I have read your book "The Lost City of Zarahemla" and have now purchased the 2nd edition which I am reading right now. Absolutely love it! I also read your blogs on "Book of Mormon Wars" and "InterpreterPeerReviews". Good stuff!

  2. I agree with gaugat. Jonathan's Book of Mormon Geography books are excellent.

    I did a quick search on Amazon. Apparently "Moroni's History" is out of stock. And "Moroni's America" apparently doesn't have a Kindle version.

    Maybe Jonathan will change that in the future. I hope so.

  3. The version of Moroni's America on Amazon right now is a pre-release version for beta readers who give me feedback.
    The final version will be released, along with a Kindle version, on November 3.
    In the meantime, I've got a new blog on the geography issues.

    BTW, Moroni's History will be out December 1. That one contains some awesome material on Church history.