Interpreter Peer Reviewed

Interpreter Peer Reviewed

Monday, June 21, 2021

Dan outs himself, but not the way he says he does

Not surprisingly, Dan the Interpreter is upset again. But his complaint is baseless.

A week ago, Dan the Interpreter complained about anonymous posts:

"The cowardice and dishonesty manifest in such anonymous and baseless down-voting seems to me genuinely contemptible."

Yesterday, Dan cited his favorite anonymous blog!

Dan claims he's upset/offended because I said he was engaged in priestcraft or something.

First, I didn't accuse Dan of anything. I described a typical, generic academic. Whether the description applies to any individual depends on that individual, and I don't know or care about Dan's particular situation. That wasn't my point.

Second, it should be obvious to any reader that an academic who doesn't accept grants, who is not employed to conduct research and writing, and who doesn't accept honorariums, travel allowances, and book royalties is not engaged in priestcraft.

But I do remember a famous passage from Hamlet:

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

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  1. "Confession by Accusation"?
    How he rants on. Calls people who don't buy the bunkum, 'sheeple' (a slur originally meant for people who lack critical thinking and blindly follow self-declared authority figures.)